About Us

Who we are:

Personal care is not rocket science. Humans have been preening and grooming forever. But in recent years, many bath and body formulae have become synthetic, complicated, over-emulsified and most of all over-preserved. 

Here at Quench, we make small-batch products that work well. Every product we sell is handmade and every ingredient we use is plant-based. Sometimes, simplicity is good, don’t you think? 

We believe that skincare shouldn’t just be for your face. 

Luxury ingredients cost, we understand that. But we’re here to make it accessible for you because your body deserves the best too. We’ve formulated all our products keeping you in mind, always. 

Our values:

We believe that ethical business should be business as usual. 

Human activity can work in sync with nature and effective products can be made using natural ingredients and safe synthetics. We’re here to make a difference, thoughtfully and responsibly.

Raising the bar on bath-time:

At Quench, we pride ourselves on our creativity, and this doesn’t stop with our products. Since the beginning, our aim has been to use the safest and most effective ingredients. This often involves a great deal of creative thinking and finding solutions to problems like sourcing the finest essential oils and absolutes, the best natural raw materials, safe synthetics or even 100% recycled packaging.

We’re all about problem-solving. In fact, we love it. 

Our testing methods:

Animal testing is poor science and its results are irrelevant to humans. Instead, we test our products for safety and effectiveness in labs and on human volunteers. None of our products or raw materials have been tested on animals - and they never will be.



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