All About Scents

The fragrance of a product is a crucial part of experiencing it, and we take its creation very seriously. Every product we make is a culmination of powerful and transformational ingredients, including our fragrance oils. 

Where do we get it?

It’s not enough to pick up scents from a scent shop. Ours intends to fit with our products and evoke powerful memories. Our independent perfume manufacturer sources vegan ingredients and adheres to the IFRA guidelines on safe fragrances.


As per the global cosmetics regulations, we list our ingredients in descending order of quantity. To help our customers make informed decisions, we have colour-coded our ingredients. If you see the word ‘Perfume’ written in green, it means that it’s made entirely from natural extracts. If written in black, we’ve used at least one synthetic or inorganic material in the mix. 

Now why would Quench use synthetic aromatic compounds? They replicate natural scents. This can be very useful when:

  • Obtaining a natural extract would threaten a species (plant or animal).
  • A scent is impossible or difficult to extract from a plant, as with pineapple or violet flowers.
  • A material is cruelly obtained from animals, like musk which is extracted from the musk deer or ambergris from the sperm whale.


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